20+ years of Anime pt 3: Kimagure Orange Road

To Continue with the Reboot, I will be posting more of these recollections of Anime I watched the past 20+ years.  This and the Memories of Gaming Past posts will be continued…

20 years of Anime part 4: Kimagure Orange Road (Originally Aired in 1987)

As I left for overseas, it might have looked like my fandom would have died. However, after my shift was over, I did flip through some channels on my tv, picking up some Italian Channels. One of the channels shown anime on primetime (5 to 6 pm). Naturally, I tuned in, especially since the very first thing I saw was the end of the original Dragonball Series. Two weeks later, in it’s place, was another Shonen Jump title by the name of Kimagure Orange Road. This story was basically a love triangle between the main character,and the two females pictured above. It went on for 48 episodes, being stuck in the love triangle, as the main character did not want to hurt either of them. A subplot had the MC having ESP and other weird powers, but the main focus of the story was about these three.

The first movie, “I want to return to that day”, made the main character have to finally choose between the two, and it was very bittersweet. It is one of a few anime on MyAnimeList that I gave a 10 out of 10. To me, it was that good. The ending ballad, by Kanako Wada, is on my playlist.

Unfortunately, this show is Out of Print, so watching this legally can be a pain. Luckilly I got the series dirt cheap(Mostly on VHS, but I got the important parts(Like the Movie) on DVD so I can watch it. Note: I wrote this in 2015.(!) Since then, Discotek was nice enough to licence the series, the OVAs, and the Movie.

Note: Favorite Character in this series: Madoka Ayukawa(The one on the Left).


Celebrating 20+ Years of Anime Part 3: Ranma 1/2

Celebrating 20+ Years of Anime Part 3: Ranma 1/2: Originally released on VHS in 94(!)

In ’99, I was looking at a comic store in search of things that would suit my fancy. I picked this show, and for the most part, was not disappointed. A curse causes a Martial Artist to change from guy to girl when splashed with cold water. Lots of other people get cursed into different beings, as well. The basis for most of the series is fighting, though. ….And the love Polygon that happens with most of the younger characters. This anime pretty much put Viz Media on the map years ago.

Note. This series has nudity in it. Not in a sexual way, for the most part, but its there. Japanese culture is way different than ours.

Celebrating 20+ Years of Anime Part 2: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Continuing on a series I need to continue:

Celebrating 20 Years of Anime Part 2: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Originally released on VHS: Aug. 97)

In Early ’99, I went from watching only one series(Sailor Moon, Series #1) to trying new shows. I was in the military at the time, and one of the members shown me an anime which got me hooked. Even though the main character is a wimp(That’s saying it mildly), the show wowed me at the time. Now, it wouldn’t make the top ten list now, but it connected me to more shows, so it would be a likely gateway anime series.