Life, the Universe and Anime started as a livejournal blog 10 years ago. Named hotohori1, this was the beginnings of this here blog. However, I combined real life with my anime fandom, and 5 years later, I was at a crossroads. Even after trying a few blogs(Xanga), Livejournal wasn’t cutting it anymore, so I changed my lj name to present day jopchan121. Still not feeling it, I created this blog in hopes of getting things back to what I wanted. I saw an offer from a member of Aquastar Anime Forums to host said blog, and Makieism, my new blog was born. I got real involved with my fandom, watching Anime cons, and the contests known as Saimoe. Eventually, I outgrew “Makieism”, and, to show homage to the great Douglas Adams, renaming the blog “Life, the Universe, and Anime”.

Alas, good things must end sometime, and my log started to get pinged with spam and getting the crap that comes with it (my old blog is being blocked by google for supposedly having Malware. I know it doesn’t but who knows). I took it as a sign that I should restart this blog.

So, I revamped this blog, turning it into a new incarnation of the Mk2 blog I had at Dasaku, and this is where we are. The restart has begun. The future is now.


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