Memories of Gaming Past 005: The Legend of Zelda


The final game I played in the 3rd generation is naturally the Legend of Zelda. Spending hours on hours one Saturday to play this to its conclusion didn’t end well, (I got stuck on a level, and it took years to get back to this game…long story.) But the original was the game that is one of my all time favorites, and is the only NES title I somehow have.


Memories of Gaming Past 004: SuperCycle


Still in the 3rd generation, a game I remember playing as a youth was the first game I actually defeated. And the game wasn’t for the NES or Sega Master System, but a cycle racing game for the Commodore 64. Simple, yet fun. (Super Cycle, C64, 1986)

Memories of Gaming past 003: Super Mario Bros.

A few months later, I have returned. And to start things off, another post from my Memories of Gaming Past Series…..

Now, EVERYONE should know this game. In 1985, Nintendo bundled this game with the system. This and a few others revitalized gaming in the mid to late 80’s. Note: To this day, I have only beat this game once. The level that does me in? Level 8-1. (Super Mario Bros., 1985, NES:All-Stars-SNES/Wii :Classic-GBA: Virtual Console)

Memories of Gaming Past 001: Donkey Kong

Note: To add new content, I am posting these little vignettes on my memories of gaming I have posted before. The first 20 will be the same as what I posted on Facebook on my personal account, but I will end up catching up and post new content, so without further ado….


1st Game on this list: an old classic by Nintendo.
1st Game on this list: an old classic by Nintendo.

I remember this game as the very first game I played a a child. I believe it was the Colecovision version that we had, and it may have had an effect for my love of Video Games. To this day, one of my Favorite Characters in gaming to date is Donkey Kong. (Donkey Kong, Nintendo/early game systems, 1981)