9.23: Nintendo Direct Reactions

Trying out a new format to start out yet another reboot. The last post I did on this blog was almost a year, so its time to start it back up. To start off, I’ll talk about tonights Nintendo Direct.

1.Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. DLC to a game I haven’t played yet, and since my backlog is huge(More on that later), not really interested at this time.

2. Mario Party Superstars. One of the games that was fun to play with friends was Super Mario Party for the Switch, so may get this for future multiplayer fun.

3. Voice of Cards. Ugh, a card game. Hard Pass.

4. Disco Elysium, Final cut. Heard this was a good game, so might try it later.

5. DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Still playing through Breath of the Wild, so this game and DLC will be on Backlog.

6 Chocobo GP. A Squeenix Kart Racer. Yay. Not interested in this, sadly.

7. Final Smash Character on 10/5. Can’t wait to see who is the last character…

8. Kirby and the Forgotten Land. A Kirby Breath of the Wild/Odyssey. Yes, Please. Will be one of the games I will be getting at launch.

9. New content for Animal Crossing. About time, as I have basically stopped playing early this year. It helped in 2020 when it was the goto game when everything basically shut down for COVID-19, so we do need more content for this game.

10. (Will be skipping some content for Meh feelings.) Star Wars: KOTOR on the Switch is a good move.

11. Metroid Dread looks fun.

12. N64 AND Sega Genesis on the upgraded Nintendo Online service. And…….Mean Bean Machine is ported on another device…lol. All kidding aside, this got me kinda exited. Now, I saw the Genesis 3 button wireless controller. I want the 6 button one, please.

13. Castlevania Advanced Collection: Konami releasing a game in 2021. Madness, in a good way.

14. Mario Movie 12/22. Looking forward to watching this mov……………..HSIGHOSIKHJOSKDGJldhjldsl;dsfksdfl;lpdfksdlpldfsdflskjlpdfsjlpdfksjdflksjdlspfjdflpskhjdlpsfhjldpsfkhjfdlhj. (Yep, that was when they announced the cast. LOL Chris Pratt as Mario. LOL Jack Black as Bowser. LOL Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong.) Very interested in the movie for the LULZ.

15. Poor Splatoon 3. It came right after the Mario Movie trailer, so it cooled everything down. Not really good with shooters, so Hard Pass for me.

16. The last announcement was for the reveal of Bayonetta 3. Once I saw the dog (I think it is from Astral Chain), I knew it was B3. And boy, Platinum delivered. Looking forward in later 2022 to play that game.

Grade for this Direct: B. Plenty of games I am excited for, but there was some games I was not interested in at this time.

Next up: 9.24 : Joppy’s Gaming of Fall: Reviews and thoughts of games I am playing throughout this fall