Joppy’s Favorites pt 1: Picking my favorites: Idolm@ster

I decided in the middle of getting the blog back up, I’m going to be discussing my favorite characters in anime today, and the first series I’m going to pick is one I didn’t really dabble into until I nabbed most of the Blurays is the OG Idolm@ster series.

The first Major Idol anime/games/music which started way back in 2005(!!), I kind of ignored the series for a while. Not until Cinderella Girls and Love Live did I start to get into the series. And while most reasoning of favorites would naturally point toward Chihaya, my favorite seems to be pointed to another…

Yep, my favorite seems to be Ritsuko Akizuki, the serious Idol/Producer type. Out of all the arcs in the one Idolm@ster console game I do have (One for All), I played through her section of the game.