Joppy’s Collection: Kitsune Kon 2019

For a month, I have been wanting to do a Collection post from the Kon, but real life and the Hiatus continued to push it back. Now, at the end of v6.x of my blog, I am going to post the latest and greatest in my collection.

First off, it wouldn’t be me without new figures in my collection. And it wouldn’t be me without a Homura showing up. So, A new Homura appears.

Next up, the best character in Bang Dream in my honest opinion, Yukina Minato from Roselia, the best band in Bang Dream(Also my opinion, to be honest).

Finally, figure-wise, I needed a Rem to display, so Angel Rem in white works well.

Gamer Homura (My facebook avatar) got another plushie to join her, which is actually from Rebellion.

And then we got Baby Kyubey, whom while playing Magia Record, seems like he won’t turn into the Incubator we know and hate with a passion.(In the game, his name is Joppy. Coincidence? Nope.)

A bit smaller then the other three,I got Nero from Fate/Grand Order, my favorite servant in the game(Besides Dark Lord MHXAlter).

Finally, on day 3, I decided to get Megumin from Konosuba. Impulse buy, maybe, but worth it.

Somehow, in all the madness, I decided to take the plunge and nab some Weiss Schwarz cards to play eventually after I learn. Got this dirt cheap which included this box to store the cards…

….and this gaming mat.  Until I use it to play the game, I put it on my desk with my Madoka mat.

Card sets I got include Haruhi, Idolmaster Cinderella Girls…..

….Love Live, and Naturally Madoka Magica(Rebellion). So I will learn the techniques necessary to play and perhaps win.

Nintendo on Day 2 always has a presence, so I picked up a few things.

New keychains I am using right now include Homura’s Soul gem(Even though a vendor last year told me that Madoka items would stop popping up due to age, it seems like Magia Record is continuing the love for a while)…

And a Nero as well. Both are on my keychain and prominently displayed.Finally, a few odds and ends from the Kon: I found this guy as I was roaming around the vendors hall. It sits on my desk as a stand/pen that actually works.

And finally, surprised I found this coffee mug. Considering Precure of any form is rare to pop up, it’s nice seeing this. Even though Shirayuki Hime/Cure Princess was my favorite Cure for a few years, that seems to shifted to Cure Yell from Hugtto Precure.

And thus ends the Collection post. It was a long time in coming, so I am glad that this is finally done and I can plan on the next stage of my blog. Some posts I have done in the past will be taken down as the reboot finally commences. A new look may be in the cards as I try to get this blog going again. Hopefully it goes well…




Joppy’s Goodies: March ’18

February was a bit lite in pick-ups for the month(Compared to previous months, it was really light.)

First off, I got my Aqours figure of the month. Yohane (Yoshiko) makes 4 of 9.

Next up is the import Tales of Vesperia for the PS3, Which is a seemingly the better version due to having Flynn as a playable character as well as the Pirate Patty (Voiced by Chiwa Saitou).

Following that is the Anime Classic Chobits, that is part of Operation Blu-ray. This would be the first CLAMP series I would watch and finish.

Next up for Movies I got a few, X-men Apocalypse and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. The X-men Franchise is only missing X2 of the original series and The Hobbit movies are complete.

Lastly for what is pictured, I nabbed Wreck it Ralph on Blu. Loved that movie since I am a gamer.

Not pictured is The middle part of the Crest/Banner of the Stars Trilogy on DVD, Banner of the Stars.

Speaking of gaming, I also picked up a Playstation TV (Vita TV) to be able to play most of my Vita games on my tv screen. It’s too bad Neptunia Rebirth 1 is incompatible, but I will make due.

Next in the near future, Another anniversary post, then the April goodies post.