Memories of Gaming Past 006-Final Fantasy VII

This weeks Memories is the game I played while I was away from home: Final Fantasy VII. This game came out in the middle of my discovery of Anime, yet I played it till the end. The shocking event at the end of Disk 1 guarantees you of that. (1997, Final Fantasy VII, Sony Playstation/PSN)


Joppy’s Collection: Feb. 2018 Goodies

February was a nice month as my tax returns arrived , and that means lots of goodies for this year. Last year I had a car issue(Head gasket…..again) that took my return last year. This year however was a free year, so I did what I wanted to, nab a new computer:

It may be fuzzy cause of lighting, but she’s there. An I-7 with a GTX 1060. It can play all the games I throw at it, which rocks. May not be top of the line, but it’s a lot better than my out of date laptop.

Next up is the Aqours’ girl of the month, Hanamaru. 6 more to go…

Next up in el-cheapo Anime purchases, I nabbed the first two releases of Shakugan no Shana on Blu-ray, the first being a part of Operation: Blu-ray, Where I am replacing all my DVD’s onto Blu-ray. More on that later.

Finishing the Mainline Shana series with the OVA’s and Season 3. The only thing that remains is the movie….

Next up, B Gata H Kei, a series I wanted to nab, but wasn’t able to nab till now. Another el-cheapo release. Also, more Operation Blu-ray Purchases with S7 of DBZ. It replaces the orange bricks, which were not the best….

Sorry for the blurryness, I don’t have a super good camera to take these, but pictured are the last two DBZ releases, also part of Operation:Blu-ray.

Next up: Love Live Sunshine S1, catching up with all of Love Live with this. Also, a Studio Ghibli title I don’t own in any form yet, From up on Poppy Hill.

This month’s Anime Movie purchases include Wolf Children and Napping Princess.

Finally, on the Anime side of things, for Operation Blu-ray I nabbed Spice and Wolf(The Anime Series of the Month) and Clannad Complete on Blu-ray.

The purpose of Operation: Bluray is to get rid of my DVD collection and replace it with Blu-rays. One set of movies I started off with the original X-men Movies. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find X2….(yet).

Next up, I found a movie I liked but wasn’t well recieved, The MCU Incredible Hulk, as well as the reboot X-men movie: First Class.

Next, to complete my Sony Spiderman movies, I nabbed the original Amazing Spider-man movie. It leaves Homecoming as the only Spider-man movie I don’t yet have…

Also, Even though I also got the Dark Knight on Blu-ray Steelbox, I got the Trilogy on Blu as well, since Batman Begins is eluding me at the moment…

Next is a movie I liked as a child and now have on blu, The Princess Bride. A new Movie set I picked up was the Godfather Trilogy. It was a set I originally had on VHS (!) so it was time to upgrade.

One of the things I wanted to do was to get the Lord of the Rings on  Blu-ray. While I did nab it, Amazon sent the Canadian version of the set. Besides the ads at the beginning, there is no difference between this and the US release.

Finally, for the month of February, I nabbed the Battle of 5 Armies, the last Hobbit movie. The only thing missing is the Desolation of Smaug…

Not pictured was a series that will never be put on Blu, the SAVE version of Tsukuyomi Moon Phase. Otherwise, that is all for February. Next up, another Anniversary post and then March….


Joppy’s Blog-Post Madoka…

After 7 years of having nothing but Madoka Magica featured on my blog, I decided to make a change. Instead of staying the course with Homura, I am finally moving on, and who better to make the switch to than Saber from Fate/Extra (and Grand/Order).

Voiced by Sakura Tange, (She of Cardcaptor Sakura fame), Her Adorable badassness trumps anything I have seen since PMMM:Rebellion. She’s never gonna replace Homura as my favorite character, but every episode I have watched has her growing on me. My twitter feed has also switched to her, while my normal facebook feed has been cycling through the Aqours girls of Love Live Sunshine.


Coming soon: The next posts in the series of the Memories of Gaming/Anime past, and February’s Goodie post.


Joppy’s Collection: January 2018 Goodies

Like December, January has a ton of stuff that came in. This was the time I really started to get into Idol anime a lot, especially when a friend was getting rid of a ton of his anime goodies, so I  nabbed a lot of them.

First off, for the first of the Aqours characters to headline, Riko gets the Spotlight with a figure( and a spotlight on Facebook).

Next up, I nabbed a bunch of stuff from a friend who was getting rid of some of his collection. It includes Several Love Live CD’s…

…And a soundtrack from The Guided Fate Paradox, which was also done by μ’s. The last soundtrack as a bonus was one of the Puchim@s cds…

Next up, The Idolm@ster Box.

I have discs 1-8 on Blu-ray, only missing Disc 9.

Next, The only missing thing on the OG Love Live Series, which would be the Movie. This is the import which, unlike the Idolm@ster set, has Subtitles…

Then finally, I got the first of three Yuki Yuna sets. I see why this would be so expensive because it’s so big compared to the other Blu-rays…

Next up, Batman ’66 vs Two Face, the last to feature Adam West. Also in the animation department, I got a double feature. Still don’t like the fact that Flashpoint created the New 52, but by itself, it’s a decent movie.

Next, a movie that I hoped that DC wouldn’t screw up(and they didn’t)….Wonder Woman.

Finally for new stuff, I got the tag team of Logan and X-men Apoclypse. Not posted was the DVD’s of Wolverine, and X-men Origins-Wolverine.

Next up for Operation: Bluray was Zomieland and Labyrinth.

Next up was Amazing Spiderman 2 (Gwen T_T ) and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete (Which was longer than what I watched on DVD)

Next up is the Steelcase for the Dark Knight(Which I’m keeping) and The Mortal Kombat Triple Feature (I liked the original, the 2nd movie sucked…)

Finally, to replace most of the movies for The series, I picked up the Star Trek Movies for the OG, and the Next Generation.

Finally, in Games, I picked up an Idolm@ster game, One for all. I do have a favorite in 765 Pro, But I won’t say yet. Also nabbed was a PSP game, Shining Hearts.

This was it for January’s. Next up, after a Fandom post (Gaming or Anime past), I’ll work on February’s stuff…


Joppy’s Collection: December 2017 goodies

Now, the return of a old series, where I show off purchases the past month. First, I’m gonna get through December, then get through the past two months to get caught up…


December was a bit heavy when it comes to Purchases. A ton of OT will do that to a person. Also: the start of Operation Blu-ray hits this month as I will be replacing as many DVD’s to Blu-ray  as I can while I am able to. My purchases include…IMG_0048

Two figures: A Saturn Funko Pop figure from Target and a Mari Nenderoid from Collector’s Anime (An anime store run by an acquaintance of mine)…


Next, music from the Last Jedi and Ultra Moon the latest Pokemon Game…


To fill my PS3 RPG -collection, I got Bioshock infinite and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters.


The final Manga of 2017 Was the final Volume of Tart Magica, the spinoff to Madoka I have enjoyed.IMG_0052

And Operation Blu-ray begins with the Original Spiderman Trilogy. Target seemingly has cheap movies…IMG_0053

…Like the Peanuts movie I got for $5 for Black Friday(Yep, technically not a December Purchase, but still have to show it off). Next off, I got the Blu-ray set of a lot of Christmas shows that I seem to miss every year, so I can watch them any time I want…IMG_0055

Next up, the only Ghibli film that won an Oscar, Spirited Away. Target had this one dirt cheap as well…IMG_0056

Next from Wal-mart, I found the only version of Crystal that is worth getting, the Infinity Arc. I do have the other two seasons as well, however…IMG_0057Next from Amazon, A few cheap Blurays for Cyber week. Also technically not in December, I got these to replace the DVD’s through Operation: Bluray.


Next up, K-on Season 1 from Sentai for Cheaps, as well as In this Corner of the World, one of the two movies I found at Best Buy, again for cheap. IMG_0059

The Other Movie I picked up at Best Buy was of course Your Name. The only movie missing in the set is A Silent Voice,(Funimation, where is it?)IMG_0060

And finally, a freebee Hulk Bobblehead from Thor:Ragnarok and Disney. He does sit on my desk with the Funko’s.

It took me a while, but I finally posted December’s goodies. I’m Probably gonna work on January’s goodie post tonight as well( 2/28).

Celebrating 20 years in Anime pt. I :*Sailor Moon*

Celebrating 20 years in Anime pt. I :*Sailor Moon* -First air date in the US: August ’95

From Episode 78: The Dreaded Nurse Venus Episode
From Episode 78: The Dreaded Nurse Venus Episode

This would be the first anime I watched way, way back in the day. Unfortunately for it and the original Dragonball, it was both plopped at 5:30 in the morning, making it pretty hard to watch it, especially since back then, I was in school.(!). Sailor Moon’s break came when USA network, and ultimately Cartoon Network aired the show on it’s animation block(USA’s Action Extreme Team, and Toonami). The show gained so much support on Toonami that they aired the third and fourth seasons on their block In 2005, the rights to the show expired, and it disappeared for almost 10 years, only to recently return thanks to Viz Media. Favorites on this show include Minako Aino(Seen in the pic), and Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn/???.