Memories of Gaming Past 007-Lunar Star Story Complete

One of the series I am bringing back in the reboot is the Memories of Gaming Past. This series I  continued for a while unlike the other one which I had only 2 done before I got sidetracked back in 2015. Sooooo……


The next game on the list is the first game in the Lunar Franchise for the PS1, Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. What I remember of this game was the fact that it was harder than some of the other PS1 RPGs I was playing at the time, and it had cutscenes nicely animated by Studio Gonzo (!) for it’s time. And 30 minutes in the game, you get… Luna’s Boat Song. Very fond memories of playing this game and its sequel. Coming next: An adventurer’s quest to see the end of the world, and my favorite game in the PS1 era. (2 different games as the hint as to whats to come)
(Lunar Silver Story, 1999, PS1)

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