Memories of Gaming Past Part 10: Goldeneye 007

Nintendo brought out the Nintendo 64, and while there were a few stinkers(See Superman 64), there were a few awesome games. Goldeneye was one of them. Sure, First Person shooters were never my forte, but Goldeneye 64 was awesome at making this genre fun, especially with multiplayer. Nab a few people, then annoy them with Oddjob.

Goldeneye 64, Nintendo 64, 25 August 1997

Memories of Gaming Past 008: Grandia

Besides the Lunar series, Game Arts also worked on the Grandia series. The first game stands out in my mind as a true adventure RPG in the PS1 era. Exploring places is what this game does well. This is a game that also is on PSN, so you don’t have to look high and low for the discs. The dub might not be the greatest, but it is serviceable. (Grandia, PS1/PSN)

Next up: My favorite game for the PS1(and one of the last of the 5th generation.

Memories of Gaming Past 007-Lunar Star Story Complete

One of the series I am bringing back in the reboot is the Memories of Gaming Past. This series I  continued for a while unlike the other one which I had only 2 done before I got sidetracked back in 2015. Sooooo……


The next game on the list is the first game in the Lunar Franchise for the PS1, Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. What I remember of this game was the fact that it was harder than some of the other PS1 RPGs I was playing at the time, and it had cutscenes nicely animated by Studio Gonzo (!) for it’s time. And 30 minutes in the game, you get… Luna’s Boat Song. Very fond memories of playing this game and its sequel. Coming next: An adventurer’s quest to see the end of the world, and my favorite game in the PS1 era. (2 different games as the hint as to whats to come)
(Lunar Silver Story, 1999, PS1)

Memories of Gaming Past 005: The Legend of Zelda


The final game I played in the 3rd generation is naturally the Legend of Zelda. Spending hours on hours one Saturday to play this to its conclusion didn’t end well, (I got stuck on a level, and it took years to get back to this game…long story.) But the original was the game that is one of my all time favorites, and is the only NES title I somehow have.

Memories of Gaming past 003: Super Mario Bros.

A few months later, I have returned. And to start things off, another post from my Memories of Gaming Past Series…..

Now, EVERYONE should know this game. In 1985, Nintendo bundled this game with the system. This and a few others revitalized gaming in the mid to late 80’s. Note: To this day, I have only beat this game once. The level that does me in? Level 8-1. (Super Mario Bros., 1985, NES:All-Stars-SNES/Wii :Classic-GBA: Virtual Console)