Memories of Gaming Past Part 12: Five Nights at Freddy’s Franchise

Memories of gaming past (Present): 5 Nights at Freddy’s 1. If anyone knows me, I can’t usually handle horror at all. Anything that remotely relates to horror in any medium and I turn away, leave the room, and/or turn off the TV. However, I seem to really enjoy this game for some reason. Is it the jumpscares, or the fact that it is giving me a challenge to beat it, or is it some other reason I do not know? I have no clue, but I will soldier on to defeat this game, as there is this and six more games to beat in the franchise…as well as the VR and the upcoming AR game.(Five Nights at Freddy’s, Steam/Android/IOS,2014)


Memories of Gaming Past Part 10: Goldeneye 007

Nintendo brought out the Nintendo 64, and while there were a few stinkers(See Superman 64), there were a few awesome games. Goldeneye was one of them. Sure, First Person shooters were never my forte, but Goldeneye 64 was awesome at making this genre fun, especially with multiplayer. Nab a few people, then annoy them with Oddjob.

Goldeneye 64, Nintendo 64, 25 August 1997

Memories of Gaming Past KitsuneKon ’15 Special- Soul Calibur 2

Memories of Gaming Past KitsuneKon Special: Soul Calibur II: One of my favorite fighting games of all time was the original Soul Calibur(More on that shortly). SCII makes the series looks even better than before, and It’s fun with a bunch of people. It’s the only SC with releases on all three Gen 6 consoles, so everyone gets to play the game.

Plus in 2016, was the first Challenger and beat Mr. Satan (Chris Rager) to Soul Calibur 2 on the Xbox of all versions…

Memories of Gaming Past 009: Final Fantasy IX

Save my favorite game for last in my Memories of gaming past for the PS1. Considering this was released almost right at the end of the 5th generation, (Dreamcast was released in ’99, this game in 2000), it was an enjoyable and long JRPG. Sometime soon, I’m going to replay this. Build up my Black Mage some more….

Next up: Random games in between the 5th and 6th Generations. Returning to the Stage of History, a Hat can be deadly, and a pink blob can lift. (Hints for the future)

Final Fantasy IX(PS1/PSN, 2000)

Joppy’s Favorites pt 1: Picking my favorites: Idolm@ster

I decided in the middle of getting the blog back up, I’m going to be discussing my favorite characters in anime today, and the first series I’m going to pick is one I didn’t really dabble into until I nabbed most of the Blurays is the OG Idolm@ster series.

The first Major Idol anime/games/music which started way back in 2005(!!), I kind of ignored the series for a while. Not until Cinderella Girls and Love Live did I start to get into the series. And while most reasoning of favorites would naturally point toward Chihaya, my favorite seems to be pointed to another…

Yep, my favorite seems to be Ritsuko Akizuki, the serious Idol/Producer type. Out of all the arcs in the one Idolm@ster console game I do have (One for All), I played through her section of the game.

Memories of Gaming Past 008: Grandia

Besides the Lunar series, Game Arts also worked on the Grandia series. The first game stands out in my mind as a true adventure RPG in the PS1 era. Exploring places is what this game does well. This is a game that also is on PSN, so you don’t have to look high and low for the discs. The dub might not be the greatest, but it is serviceable. (Grandia, PS1/PSN)

Next up: My favorite game for the PS1(and one of the last of the 5th generation.

20+ years of Anime Part 4: Maison Ikkoku


20 Years of Anime Part V: Maison Ikkoku (1986)

In the middle of my stint overseas, I found this Rumiko Takahashi series from way back in the day…

Godai(our main lead) tried, but failed his entrance exams for college. It didn’t help that the other tenents at the apartment complex love to pester him and always host parties in his room. What keeps him from leaving was the appearance of the new apartment manager,Kyoko Otanashi. Naturally he falls for her instantly. Unfortunatly, It’s not gonna be easy. Romantic rivals, misunderstandings draw the show out to 96 episodes.

If you can find the show(Sadly, this show is REAL Out of print), this is one of the Rare Rumiko Takahashi shows that has a beginning, middle, and an end. This show brought out my love for the “Apartment Ensamble Romcom” shows, which you will see later on this list.