Memories of Gaming Past Part 16: Tales Of Graces f

Today’s Memory of Gaming is the box art to a game I managed to defeat last night(Which was June 10, 2013). The first “Tales of” game I actually finished all the way through. But that endboss in Lineages and Legacies was HARD, even at Lvl. 84…. (Tales of Graces F, PS3, 3/2012)

Also: Sophie is my main in this game…Just sayin’…

Memories of Gaming Past KitsuneKon ’17 Ragequit Special: Nightfall

Memories of Gaming Past: KitsuneKon ’17 Ragequit Special: PS4 VR game where you jump out of an airplane. Some people wouldn’t like it due to the jumping part, but what made this ragequit was the fact we were thrown into it…. on the final mission. Once I started to figure it out, I did ok, BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT I didn’t do well enough to win. This was the first time I had dabbled in VR.

Memories of Gaming Part 14: Beetle Adventure Racing

Beetle Adventure Racing(1999, EA, N64). The N64 had some interesting games for the system. One is a racing game, with only one car in it: The New Voltswagen Beetle. While that might turn off some people on the game, the game is actually fun to play. For a racing game for the N64, you cant really go wrong here.

Hints for the Future:  Singing can be Deadly, and POWHAMMER.

Memories of Gaming Past Part 12: Five Nights at Freddy’s Franchise

Memories of gaming past (Present): 5 Nights at Freddy’s 1. If anyone knows me, I can’t usually handle horror at all. Anything that remotely relates to horror in any medium and I turn away, leave the room, and/or turn off the TV. However, I seem to really enjoy this game for some reason. Is it the jumpscares, or the fact that it is giving me a challenge to beat it, or is it some other reason I do not know? I have no clue, but I will soldier on to defeat this game, as there is this and six more games to beat in the franchise…as well as the VR and the upcoming AR game.(Five Nights at Freddy’s, Steam/Android/IOS,2014)

Memories of Gaming Past Part 10: Goldeneye 007

Nintendo brought out the Nintendo 64, and while there were a few stinkers(See Superman 64), there were a few awesome games. Goldeneye was one of them. Sure, First Person shooters were never my forte, but Goldeneye 64 was awesome at making this genre fun, especially with multiplayer. Nab a few people, then annoy them with Oddjob.

Goldeneye 64, Nintendo 64, 25 August 1997

Memories of Gaming Past KitsuneKon ’15 Special- Soul Calibur 2

Memories of Gaming Past KitsuneKon Special: Soul Calibur II: One of my favorite fighting games of all time was the original Soul Calibur(More on that shortly). SCII makes the series looks even better than before, and It’s fun with a bunch of people. It’s the only SC with releases on all three Gen 6 consoles, so everyone gets to play the game.

Plus in 2016, was the first Challenger and beat Mr. Satan (Chris Rager) to Soul Calibur 2 on the Xbox of all versions…