AX Supplimental license post: Sentai II

Instead of continuing the trend of updating the Sentai post(Making that a real long post), I divided them in half, between Days 1-2 and 3-4. Because as you can tell, Sentai has licensed a LOT.

Sentai has nabbed the following:

Qwazar of Stigmata(Both seasons. Plus BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS. Not my show.)
Detroit Metal City (About time this was picked up)
So, I can’t play H? (……yeah. It’s probably that type of generic show.
Space Brothers
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (dunno about this one.I may take a look via Crunchy)
Somedays Dreamers II: Sora (got the original. I hope 2 is just as good)
Tari Tari
Kokoro Connect

Some people assume they are spreading out too thin. They may be, but they are getting all sorts of shows. Will probably nab DMC.

And with this post, I end AX coverage for this year. Next year, I will be AT the con itself. Coming soon: San Diego Comic Con, Otakon. (And the first of the Saimoe posts)

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