Otakon Day 3 Announcements: Going to the Discotek

After filling up on Chicken wings, I am ready to finish blogging about Otakon.

And to fit the theme of “Everything Old is New again, we have Discotek. They have picked up the 1973 TV anime Gaiking, as well as license rescuing the movie Wicked City. If you are a fan of Retro Anime or Madhouse, those were good picks.

And thus ends the first convention I blogged in a few years. Since I enjoyed that experience, I’ll be doing this again. Dunno when the next con is, but I will keep up with it.


Otakon Announcements: Day 2

This year, it seems like the theme is “Everything old is new again” But first: GAME TIME!

MangaGamer added Tokyo Babel and Shadows of Pygmalion as well as a sequel to Princess Evangeline. All of those titles, plus the first Chapter of Supipara sound interesting, but I gotta nab their first releases first….

Sekai Project is the other group releasing Visual novels in english. At Otakon, they nabbed stuff for EVERYBODY. Bishojo fans get Tenshi Ranman, and Nekopara, Yuri fans get Nenokami, and Yaoi fans get Witch boy Magical Piece. Also: fault milestone 2 was announced. What makes me excited was the announcement that Sekai is now a manga publisher, and their first manga is GATE. I liked the Anime, so this I can really get behind.

Kodansha time. Since I finished Negima, I haven’t bought any series from them(Most of my money is going to Yen presently), but that may change, as Kodansha nabbed the 1978(!) Space Opera Queen Emeraldas, Complex Age, and Forget Me Not. The other two have interesting premises, but Esmeraldas has to be gotten in Hardcover.

Funimation at Otakon: Surprises Galore! Movie wise, They will show in theatres the New Ghost in the Shell movie(Which should be a treat), The Boy and the Beast, and the Psycho-pass movie. Also nabbed were the Project ITOH trilogy of films. Anime wise, Assassination Classroom S2 was already nabbed, as well as a Bluray License Rescue of Noein, and………….

….Wait for it…..

Yep. Speed Racer. On BD. Possibly uncut, who knows. And the Franchise turns 50 next year. Hmmm…..

Finally, Viz’s Shoujo Beat announced that they grabbed the Taisho Era Shojo series The Heiress and the Chauffeur.


That’s all for today. Tomorrow ends Otakon.

Upcoming: Otakon 2015, And the start of something new….Reviews

Even though I stated I would start my blogging again for AX, I got sidetracked by work, and now that we are at Otakon time now, I am gonna restart my anime coverage with this con. With everyone besides Sentai and Nozomi being there, There should be some great things coming(Like LoGH, which was announced at AX).


Also, I am planning to start reviewing anime from past and present. I will be working on the first one in the next two days, and it’s something anyone who knows me presently will know what it is. Look forward to it.

Otakon 2012 Industry Panel IV: Funimation

This time around, it seems that Funimation is being Sentai, and Nabbing a ton of licenses and Home video releases.

Funi has nabbed all rights for Aquarion EVOL. The first series was nabbed by Funi years ago, so no big surprise there. Also no big surprise: Funi has the rights to Season 5 of One Piece and the Strong World Movie, as well as Season 2 of Fairy Tail and its first Movie: Fairy Tail: Hōō no Miko.

Movie wise: Funi picked up the new movie for Yamato: Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection, as well as relicensing for the umteenth time: Akira.

Home Video rights have been nabbed for the following streamed series: Sankarea, Lupin III: The Woman called Fujiko Mine, and from NicoNico: Maken-Ki! Battling Venus.

Lastly, Funi has also picked up the Tenchi Muyo OVA : Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar. They do seem to say that they have EVERYTHING related to Tenchi Muyo, but I somehow doubt it(Did they ever say they had the Magical Project S series(AKA Pretty Sammy)? Nor the Mihoshi Special, Which I am seemingly missing from my Tenchi Muyo Stash? If not, don’t say you have everything for Tenchi, please.

Source: ANN

Otakon 2012 Industry Panel III: Aniplex of America

While Aniplex didn’t have anything new, They are bringing out shows they do have on Blu Ray format. For Instance, Durarara, which had a DVD only release before, is getting a Limited Edition release(With a Lunch Box). Bakemonogatori will be streamed (Quite possibly at Crunchy, since it’s sequel is streamed there). And Aniplex will be releasing LisA’s new single from Sword Art Online in the US.

Source: ANN

Otakon ’12 Industry panel I: Crunchyroll

This time around, Crunchy is getting some older series to stream on their site. Two are already released in physical form by Sentai, and the third is the first season to a show that is streaming this season.

Crunchy picked up the Streaming rights to Angel Beats, Moyashimon(1st season), and Hell Girl: Two Mirrors. A decent assortment of anime to be picked up. Note: S1 of Hell Girl is still licensed by Funimation.


Quick note: Viz came to Otakon, but nothing new came out of it. (This is probably why they don’t come to Otakon.)

Upcoming: Otakon 2012

The month of July has three different events: Anime Expo, the Beginnings of Saimoe(Which I still need to do a post for soon), and at the end, Otakon. Like before, I will be blogging what is licensed at Otakon, and it seems all the heavy hitters will be there…including Viz, who normally skips this event. The schedule is as follows(In EDT):

12:30PM Crunchyroll
1:45PM Viz
6:45PM Funimation Sneak Peak Panel

9:00AM: NISA Anime
10:30AM NISA Video Games
2PM Aniplex of America
4:30PM Funimation

9:30AM Geneon, A Funi Retrospective(For the past)
10:45AM Sentai Filmworks
11:45AM Kodansha
1PM Vertical

Also: Would have liked to watch the Madoka Finale with Gen Urobuchi and “Mistress Starfish”/Kyouko VA Ai Nonaka. (2PM Friday)