Joppy’s Blog-Post Madoka…

After 7 years of having nothing but Madoka Magica featured on my blog, I decided to make a change. Instead of staying the course with Homura, I am finally moving on, and who better to make the switch to than Saber from Fate/Extra (and Grand/Order).

Voiced by Sakura Tange, (She of Cardcaptor Sakura fame), Her Adorable badassness trumps anything I have seen since PMMM:Rebellion. She’s never gonna replace Homura as my favorite character, but every episode I have watched has her growing on me. My twitter feed has also switched to her, while my normal facebook feed has been cycling through the Aqours girls of Love Live Sunshine.


Coming soon: The next posts in the series of the Memories of Gaming/Anime past, and February’s Goodie post.



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