Otakon Announcements: Day 1

There hasn’t much announced at Otakon yet, but a few morsels of info have been released at this con:

Sentai announced via Twitter that they will be dubbing the Anime Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun. As I liked this show, I am happy this is coming. Perhaps if this has good sales, we’ll see Ore Monogatari get a dub too…? (Here’s Hoping…)

Viewster streams shows(Some anime as well). Today, for their service, they rescued Key the Metal Idol. I’ve only watched the end, so seeing the beginning without hunting down the VHS/DVD would be nice.

Aniplex. Mother’s Rosario. Jan ’16. That is all that needs to be said.

Viz only wanted to bring out a little birdy.(The story itself is not like the cover of the book, which is a bird) and a death note artbook.

Vertical is one of the Manga companies that fans enjoy. They finally pick up Mysterious Girlfriend X, A book that I know is on some peoples wish list, as well as The Gods Lie and The Devil’s Line.

More will be announced tomorrow.

Source: ANN


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