REFRESH: July 2015

Earlier this year, I started (And subsequently forgot) a revival of my blog. Now, closing in on the eve of Anime Expo 2015, I am deciding on returning to the blogsphere. Considering there are feelings of some licenses being announced, I feel that I should get back to my fandom that I kinda have walked away from since Dec 9, 2013. (The death of “Black Beauty”, my car, depressed me for a long while, but I got myself out of that funk, finally.) My blog has been visually updated with a new layout. Still Homura related, but with a cover image on top, basically the cover image to the Single to Kalafina’s Kimi No Gin No Niwa(The Anime Cover).

So, in closing, I do believe I have finally returned. Prepare for a much more active blog.



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