Joppy’s Collection Dec 10 ’14: Revival.

Now that 2014 is about over(And the Drama with my vehicle is since finished), I can finally get to what I enjoy, finding cheap bargains in Anime/Manga/Games/nonanime.

Anime/Games Dec 10

Manga Dec 14

Music/ PC 2014

For those who can’t see what I got: I have found:

  • Captain Tylor OVA 03
  • Mermaid Forest TV 01
  • Gun x Sword Vol. 02, 04, 06 I have received the odd volumes in the anime mystery box from Crunchyroll. Had to get these to finish that series.
  • Paradise Kiss Vol 02, 03. Considering I saw the set from Funi going for almost $100, It was a no brainer. This series may get me to try Nana.
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 02: Also known as Civil War, this game goes for well over $30 at Gamestop. It’s nice to find it for half off elsewhere.
  • Negima Omnibus 1: NO MORE SOUTHERN MASTER. ‘Nuff said.
  • Aqua vol 02: Finally finished the Prequel to Aria. Now to find what I can for Aria.
  • Paradise Kiss 04, 05 These are the Tokyopop ones.
  • Chibi Vampire(Karin) Only need 2 to complete Karin as a series.
  • AC/DC Rock or Bust: This is a great new album. And a gift from my Bro.
  • DC Talk Jesus Freak: Been looking for this album for ages.
  • Collective Soul: Likewise(To replace the one thats scratched.)
  • Yanni Live at the Acropolis: real cheap(And my mom has influenced me more than I know…)
  • Sim City 4: Might not be as good as 2000, but I’m willing to give it a shot.

This will probably be the only Collection post till early next year.


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