Saimoe 2012 Results: A group 4, 8, 12

Another day, another surprising turn of events. In a good way, IMHO.


08/17: Round 1, Group A, Day 4


1st 266 Remon Yamano @ Ano Natsu De Matteru
2nd 217 Masamune Usami @ Mayo Chiki!
3rd 140 Miyuki Tsubakino @ Saki


1st 273 Tsukasa Ayatsuji @ Amagami SS
2nd 200 Asia Argento @ High School DxD
3rd 136 Ghutatan @ Haiyore! Nyarlko-san


1st 323 Miki Hoshii @ The Idolmaster
2nd 299 Tomoka Minato @ Ro-Kyu-Bu!
3rd 46 Aoi Ogiyama @ Ro-Kyu-Bu!
Surprising was Remon’s victory over the Saki character,  as well as Miki’s victory over  the Loli Basketball characters, and surprising  I got all three right for once.
Next round:
Predictions:Even though I know Shino only, I’m going with my gut  instinct and saying that Tomo wins. In B5, as much as I like the evil Ojousama in Kanade, I know for a fact Isumi wins. Izumi can’t defeat the power of Yuru Yuri and Akari wins.
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