Saimoe 2012 Day 2 Results: A group 2,6,10

Besides one group this time around, I seem to have gotten two out of the three right…

08/15: Round 1, Group A, Day 2

1st 239 Illyasviel Von Einzbern @ Fate/Stay Night
2nd 120 Yoshinoya @ Hidamari Sketch
3rd 113 Moko Tsuiki @ Saki

Being as it may, I underestimated Illya’s power, and overestimated the Hidamari Faction this time around.

1st 249 Kobato Hasegawa @ Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
2nd 135 Kiyomi Sakura @ Squid Girl
3rd 96 Riko Yasufuku @ Saki

…But as I said before, this round there was no way in hell Kobato was going to lose that one. She won easily.
1st 201 Yuno Gasai @ Future Diary
2nd 190 Saki Mizukoshi @ Natsuiro Kiseki
3rd 79 Crea Dolosera @ Aquarion Evol

And lastly, my guesstimation paid off. I got lucky there.

Current tally 3-3. TIE

Next round:

The first group has one character I know out of the three, so I will predict Maria as the winner. The other two are no brainers, as they are some of the Stronger characters in the Saki group, as well a Kugumiya character. Yuuki Kataoka and Kuromo both win big.

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