Otakon 2012 Industry Panel IV: Funimation

This time around, it seems that Funimation is being Sentai, and Nabbing a ton of licenses and Home video releases.

Funi has nabbed all rights for Aquarion EVOL. The first series was nabbed by Funi years ago, so no big surprise there. Also no big surprise: Funi has the rights to Season 5 of One Piece and the Strong World Movie, as well as Season 2 of Fairy Tail and its first Movie: Fairy Tail: Hōō no Miko.

Movie wise: Funi picked up the new movie for Yamato: Space Battleship Yamato Resurrection, as well as relicensing for the umteenth time: Akira.

Home Video rights have been nabbed for the following streamed series: Sankarea, Lupin III: The Woman called Fujiko Mine, and from NicoNico: Maken-Ki! Battling Venus.

Lastly, Funi has also picked up the Tenchi Muyo OVA : Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar. They do seem to say that they have EVERYTHING related to Tenchi Muyo, but I somehow doubt it(Did they ever say they had the Magical Project S series(AKA Pretty Sammy)? Nor the Mihoshi Special, Which I am seemingly missing from my Tenchi Muyo Stash? If not, don’t say you have everything for Tenchi, please.

Source: ANN


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