Upcoming: Otakon 2012

The month of July has three different events: Anime Expo, the Beginnings of Saimoe(Which I still need to do a post for soon), and at the end, Otakon. Like before, I will be blogging what is licensed at Otakon, and it seems all the heavy hitters will be there…including Viz, who normally skips this event. The schedule is as follows(In EDT):

12:30PM Crunchyroll
1:45PM Viz
6:45PM Funimation Sneak Peak Panel

9:00AM: NISA Anime
10:30AM NISA Video Games
2PM Aniplex of America
4:30PM Funimation

9:30AM Geneon, A Funi Retrospective(For the past)
10:45AM Sentai Filmworks
11:45AM Kodansha
1PM Vertical

Also: Would have liked to watch the Madoka Finale with Gen Urobuchi and “Mistress Starfish”/Kyouko VA Ai Nonaka. (2PM Friday)


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