AX News and Licenses- Pt 1: Sentai

Even though Sentai doesn’t have a panel at AX doesn’t mean they don’t have things to announce. This AX, They announced that they picked up the Trails in the Sky anime. I knew that Trails in the Sky had a game series, but I did not know they had made the story into an Anime. A nice surprise starting off day 1.


Source: Anime News Network

Addendum: Sentai also nabbed the series  Hiiro no Kakera. One girl, lots of Bishonen guys. May be good for the fangirls, not so for me.

Source 2: ANN

Addendum 2: Sentai is keeping me busy. They also nabbed Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere 2. Since they have the original series incoming, Not a big surprise.

Source 3: ANN

Addendum 3: Sentai has done it again. They also nabbed Hakuōki Reimeiroku. Dunno what series that is….

Source 4: ANN

Addendum 4: Jeez, Sentai. Gone bonkers much? They licensed today(6/30) Mayo Chiki and Idolm@ster…..Xenoglossia. Yes, the inferior one. As for Mayo Chiki, good for them. I may pick that up later.:3

Sources: ANN1, ANN2

Addendum 5: They keep on announcing titles: Campione! and La Storia della Arcana Famiglia. They aren’t letting not having a panel keep them down.

Sources: ANN1, ANN2


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