Upcoming: Anime Expo 2012



AX starts tomorrow with Day 0, so what better way to get in the spirit of blogging than getting prepared for the industry panels that will be happenning at AX.I won’t be there in person next year, but there are others that are. Sources of info from the con will be from Anime News network and the Liveblogger BayoAB.

The Schedule for all industry panels are as follows:

Day 1:

Funi Sneak Peek Panel 12:30 PM

Super Secret Viz Anime Panel (Probably for Neon Alley) 2PM

Aniplex of America Industry Panel 3PM

Crunchyroll (Yes, they are a BIG part of the industry now.) 3:30PM

Right Stuf/Nozomi Panel(With added Countdown to New Licences) 5 PM

Anime News Network (Go, to keep your self away from that damn Brony panel) 6PM

Bushiroad Industry Panel 8:30PM

JAST USA Panel(Will update sometime in the afternoon Sat) 10:30 PM

Day 2:

Aksys Panel(Will update in the afternoon Sat) 9AM

Sunrise Panel (Come on, TurnA) 1:30PM

NISA: Anime 2PM

Madoka Magica Panel 3PM

Funimation Industry Panel 5PM

Tokyopop (After you pulled out of the US market, who besides Hetalia fans care what you have to say?Also, Yuki Kajiura takes your fans away, regardless:) ) 7PM

Day 3:

Production IG panel: (Again, keep yourself away from the Bronies.) 9AM

Viz Media Panel: (If they EVER release anything other than Bleach and Naruto, that’d be great.) 1:30 PM

NISA Gaming Panel: (Atelier Ayesha and Neptune V, please) 3PM

The Now and future of Bishoujo games(This is Mangagamer, folks) 11PM (Will be updated on Monday)

Day 4:

Nothing. Time to RELAX till the first Prelims of Saimoe start.


Day one and Day two will be heavy with posts from me, so stay tuned.



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